3HO Château Anand

Château Anand is a project of 3HO Europe, managed by the “3HO Château Anand Association”. This is a French “association loi 1901”, (not for profit organisation) overseen by a board with Satya Singh from Hamburg as its President.

The property was bought in 2010 with the intention of creating a new home for the European Yoga Kundalini Yoga Community.

Château Anand is the European Centre of Excellence for Kundalini Yoga and 3HO Lifestyle.

Initially we intend to create a “Summer Campus” with many trainings; festivals and events happening here during the summer months. During that time anyone who wants to have an deep experience of Kundalini Yoga and an opportunity to live a 3HO Lifestyle of Sadhana, Seva and Simran can come and be part of the community.


What is 3HO Europe

3HO Europe stands for Healthy Happy Holy Organisation Europe. 3HO Europe is a non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and related teachings for the benefit of physical, mental and spiritual health, and without regard to sex, race, creed, religion, nationality or political, social or economic status.


Goals of 3HO Europe

3HO Europe offers educational programs for people of all walks of life, including students, people involved in the businesses, athletes, prisoners, parents and children. Programs include kundalini yoga, pregnancy, pre and post natal care, children’s yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy, teacher training, vegetarian cooking and diet as well as healing, martial arts and dance in the yogic tradition.